Newsroom App launch 15-Aug-2015
iOS App for iPhone & iPad launched with some great feature like adaptive notification, favorite kural, turn on/off language. Check out the link below to get your version.

Hindi & Russian 17-May-2015
Now we have Hindi & Russian translation of Thirukkural available. Also available from today, audio version of Thirukkural in Tamil language. Couple more domain additions to the catalog तिरुक्कुरळ.com, तिरुक्कुरळ.net, тхируккурал.com, тхируккурал.net.

Newsroom 20-Feb-2015
Addition of Newsroom to share some of the feature additions and happenings around

More thirukkural domains 15-Feb-2015
Fortunate to get back domain and couple more Internationalized Domain Name (IDN), like குறள்.com, குறள்.net. Launch 2-Feb-2015
Officially launched to public. Launch was shared with some extended group of contributors and supporters.

Pre-launch 31-Jan-2015 was pre-launched to some of the key contributors and supporters for this website. We have made bunch of Thirukkural related domains (like திருக்குறள்.net,,,, to point to